29.04 NizkyPudl is back with vengeance, proud to have completed a creative pro bono project (yes, we do!) for a Lonely Cats' Home. Well, a cat is nowhere near a poodle, but still is pretty good! Other work includes a wallpaper set for the company iShorts, a couple of personal identities, and a visual identity co-op with a cool Prague-based studio. Turnip growing is bound to be big this year, Ivor! Other than that, Pudl's focus is on yoga, home-made meals & walks with a view of vacation on Fiji.

20.02 NizkyPudl has been travelling. A lot. iShorts presentation in the chilly lovely town of Prague went well, as did a bit of archive research in Glasgow. Pudl is back in London now, working on freelance commissions. Latest tenders / competitions include Veerle Pieters/Duoh, Frople, and Allmightys.

08.12 Get very own NizkyPudl limited edition tee from Camorra Clothing NOW!.

30.10 Business cards and folders for iShorts have come back from the press today. Pics coming - ahem - soonish. Anyway, in the meantime ...

25.10 Commissioned to create two designs for a t-shirt limited edition by Camorra Clothing. Busy designing a website for the company iShorts.

15.10 The first project with Build has seen the light of the day! The Hague Day, that is: TA 07,Today's Art Festival, The Hague, September 2007. More images & a close up.

07.09 NizkyPudl is all set for an exciting intern opportunity - thank you to all at Build !

30.08 NizkyPudl's work is currently being shown as part of YCN at Royal College of Art in London! YAY! Thanks Isabelle & the YCN team.

31.07 NizkyPudl's work has been included in the curatorial selection for YCN at Royal College of Art. Nizkypudl is well chuffed!

30.07 Selection of work from NizkyPudl featured in the current issue of Creative Review magazine as a part of New Blood selection from Michael C Place. Hooray!

20.07 Currently working on a commission from iShorts Film Festival.